CDXC: The UK DX Foundation

CDXC is the UK’s premier amateur radio DX Foundation, with around 800 members, dedicated to encouraging excellence in long distance radio communications (DXing) and HF contesting.

Here are five reasons why you can benefit from being a member of CDXC!

  1. Be part of the CDXC Community
  2. Help sponsor DXpeditions
  3. The CDXC Digest magazine and website
  4. Learn from other CDXC Members
  5. CDXC Social events

CDXC began in the 1980s, formed by a small group of keen DXers. Since then CDXC has grown substantially with our members sharing a common interest in HF DX and contesting, drawn together by their shared values of high standards of operating and DXing skills. CDXC has become one of the largest and most respected DX groups in the world.

To learn more about CDXC or to become a member, please go to our website: