Intermediate other resources


Printed materials and books to complement web sites, for those who do not like or use the internet. Reviews included where available.

Audio and/or Video recordings to demonstrate on air, Amateur Radio conversations. Etiquette and Practice.

  • None available

Online Radio Receivers. This is the place to start. Listen, Listen Listen ! :

Audio and/or Video recordings to demonstrate various Intermediate licence topics.

Youtube videos by G0FUW, G4TYN, M0TGN:

Youtube videos by Essex hams:

Audio and/or Video recordings of Licence Training within a course.

  • None known

Software, which could include RF or electronics theory.

  • None known

List of instructors

A downloadable and printed document which shows the Foundation practicals. Step by Step and which parts of the syllabus and Licence book they relate. To assist self training and those who find theory study difficult to implement.

  • Does not currently exist