Audio & Braille resources

UK Amateur radio has a charity dedicated to supporting the needs of people with disabilities – RAIBC : 

  • RAIBC information
  • RAIBC website:
  • Contact: Sandra Brown M6SDS, RAIBC Secretary,
  • Email:,   Phone: 0800 028 8660


  • Licence Terms & Conditions:  Audio Version – mp3 format (~51MB)

RAIBC Spoken word recordings

  • Exam Manuals: The RAIBC maintains an Audio Library which contains the Foundation, Intermediate and Full/Advanced manuals.  Updated versions are available for Syllabus 2019. Please that these are not available to download but are available on audio disk
  • Radio Manuals: Instruction manuals for various radios are available to download from the members area on the  RAIBC website and can also be sent out on audio disk.
  • Magazines: Audio versions of RadCom, Radio User and Practical Wireless are also available to download or sent out monthly on audio disk to the visually impaired


RNIB Braille materials

  • The RNIB has a library that includes Braille-based printed copies of some amateur radio materials, although they may not be the latest issues
  • Search the RNIB Library