Writing exam questions

Examination in progressThe RSGB Exams & Syllabus Review Group relies on tutors and amateurs generally for new examination questions

The exams are set according to the syllabus and questions must address one syllabus item, without giving information about other syllabus items, which might provide the answer to another question.

The exam papers are compiled automatically to the examination schedule in the syllabus and proof reading cannot be relied on to spot clashes between questions in different syllabus areas.

We particularly welcome submissions for the newer topics introduced by Syllabus-2019. A submission form can be found below:-

Draft contributions are invited and should be sent to the Examinations Department at RSGB HQ at exams@rsgb.org.uk.

Student taking examIt is very strongly recommended that the syllabus,  the course book and the sample papers are studied first.

It is also recommended that the first batch of questions is limited to no more than 10 so that any style or similar issues can be advised.

Questions are vetted by the RSGB Exams and Syllabus Review Group.

Receipt will be acknowledged but it may then be some time before further communication is received.

The author should destroy any copies of accepted questions and not use them elsewhere.

Submission of questions indicates agreement that the copyright is transferred to the RSGB upon acceptance of the question.

Thank you for writing questions, it is appreciated.