Voting guidance

The internet voting service has now closed

The RSGB thanks everyone who took the time to cast a vote; your participation is much appreciated.

Voting is being conducted by Civica Election Services (CES) on behalf of the Society.

You can vote electronically or by post prior to the AGM.

Your proxy vote will be cast by the Chair of the meeting, or failing them the Company Secretary, in accordance with your wishes indicated on the voting form (whether electronic or paper).

On the voting screen/proxy form you will find three boxes alongside each Resolution. Against each Resolution you should mark an X indicating your choice.

If you leave the instruction on how to vote blank, the proxy holder may vote as he/she wishes. Although provision for a withheld vote (Abstain) does not appear in the Society’s Articles, it is now common. So, if you are assigning your proxy and do not vote “for” or “against”, you can elect to abstain, which is also binding on your proxy holder.

How to cast your vote

Electronic voting

To vote, go to our Cast your Vote web page.

You will be asked for your Membership number without the leading zeros as part 1 of your security code, and the first four digits of your callsign as part 2 of your security code (e.g. G9ABC enters G9AB or GM9ABC enters GM9A). If you don’t have a callsign, use your RS number instead, see below.

What is an RS number?
An RS number is what we use to identify a Member’s account if they do not have a callsign – it is simply your membership number prefixed by the letters RS – i.e. if the membership number was 123456, the RS number would be RS123456 and you’d enter RS12 as part two of your voting security code

CES voting is available 24 hours a day commencing at noon on 13 March 2024. Voting will close at 9am on 11 April 2024.

Postal voting is expensive so please use the internet option if possible.

Postal voting

You can vote by post by requesting a proxy form and envelope from RSGB HQ.

You can do this by writing to the General Manager by email to, or by telephone on 01234 832 702.

The proxy form and return envelope will be sent to you.

The details required on the proxy form are your name, address, call sign or RS number and your Membership number.

This can be found on your RadCom mailing wrapper, by logging into your RSGB Membership portal at or by enquiry from RSGB HQ.

This is a security measure required by CES.

Once you have voted, place the completed proxy form in the pre-paid envelope and post it to CES to arrive on or before 9am on 11 April 2024.