Candidates for endorsement as Nominated Directors

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Ben Lloyd, GW4BML

Curriculum Vitae

I describe myself as an inspirational and results driven professional, who has the raw entrepreneurial drive and strong work ethic required to continuously exceed all tasks given. I would continue to bring a strong sense of urgency, responsibility, and accountability to the RSGB board. I am currently the Board Liaison Manager for Youth and have been working hard to put a structure in place to grow this sector around the UK. I am also heavily involved in activating and chasing SOTA and help our local Welsh group by organising meets, so all members and friends put a face to a name.

Personal Statement

Currently employed as the ‘Key Account Manager’ at an Electronic Variable Frequency Drives company based in Mid-Wales, where I manage customers on a global level. I have been involved at board level as a Secretary and Vice Chairman with over 10+ years of experience in a previous volunteering organisation I belonged to. I have been an amateur radio SWL for 15+ years and licensed for a further 4 years. Continuing my position on the Board, I believe I can make a more significant contribution to the society and its role in protecting and promoting amateur radio, as well as providing relevant services to its membership. I have already started to achieve this by visiting local amateur radio clubs giving a talk and supporting members where I can.

Being a Key Account Manager for a large company, I have significant commercial experience mainly gained from senior sales positions in the electronics
sector globally. My experience though is not limited to sales – I have gained substantial understanding of other functions such as Marketing .. IT .. Finance ..
Customer Service and Technical backgrounds.

The G4 call-sign was available for me after passing my full exam from Ofcom over a year ago. I was M7BML, 20BML and wanted the prefix BML – this
meant something personal to me. The only route to take was the G4BML route, so here I am! I’m young, very enthusiastic and would like to use my skills to
continue supporting the RSGB board and its members!


Nathan Nuttall, 2M0OCC

Curriculum Vitae

Education – BENG in Electronic engineering with a year’s industry placement at Addison Projects, A level in Electronics and IT (double award), as well a mix of 17 GCSE. Outside of the classroom. I completed all the Duke of Edinburgh award levels before the age of 17.

As an experienced Trespass store manager, I have been responsible for managing a number of stores simultaneously for Trespass. My duties include leading the team driving efficiency and profitability so that targets are met. I’m also responsible for HR activities, cash management and stock. I have worked with the wider Trespass senior management opening new stores across Scotland. I actively make a positive contribution liaising with senior managers, head office teams by providing feedback regarding the website and social media presence. I provided ideas for potential new products and display equipment.

At Bridge Systems, I was a Trainee RF Engineer, installing, maintaining and repairing radios for diverse client base. Unfortunately,the job ended due to COVID.

I’m a member or I contribute to various amateur radio committees and communities including the Region 1 RSGB, Stirling District ARC, GMDX and OARC
this showcases my engagement with many groups the wider Amateur Radio Community.

Personal Statement

I am excited to be a candidate for the Board of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and I am eager to contribute and support the society using my skills and experience to ensure its ongoing success, evolution and future growth in the 21st century.

My lifelong passion for amateur radio, reflected in me gaining my license age 12 and being the under 18’s SOTA champion in 2008, I am passionate about
not only keeping the hobby alive, but also strengthening it and ensuring it remains relevant for future generations.

My academic, professional and outside interests have given me interpersonal, team work and leadership skills which I believe will make me an asset within
the RSGB. These have been gained throughout life in such diverse situations from Duke of Edinburgh award expedition teams from the Air Training Corp to
working with senior managers in multinational companies, members of my team in the Trespass stores and HQ.

I have experience of being a member of various committees since I was 18. This has enhanced my ability to work with diverse teams, aligning efforts
towards common goals.

The combining of my background in IT, engineering and retail will help me to contribute towards the further development of RSGB’s IT, website, shop, and
social media presence with innovative ideas which will enhance members experience and appeal to potential future amateurs.

I am fully committed to work hard to fulfil this role within RSGB family.


Stewart Bryant, G3YSX

Curriculum Vitae

I am a former RSGB President and the current RSGB Board Chair. I have served in many different Board roles over the past eleven years. I have been BLM for the RSGB committees that focus on amateur radio operating. I have been a member of the RSGB Audit and Publications Committees and am a technical reviewer in the Technical Forum. I helped to launch the RSGB Tonight@8 series, and run the Construction Competition. I am a leader of the team re-energising the RSGB strategy.

Outside the RSGB I am actively engaged in innovation within the telecommunications industry.

Personal Statement

We live in times of profound societal, economic and global change and the RSGB has to adapt to and take advantage of those changes. In doing so we must preserve the best from the past whilst also embracing the best of the future. The RSGB is not unique in being in this current challenging position. Many national amateur radio societies, traditional hobbies and volunteer organizations find themselves forced to address these difficult challenges. We must learn from their experiences.
The RSGB Board that I chaired this past year has selected the most important and urgent elements of the RSGB strategy (Growth, Membership, Spectrum and Finance) to focus on. As I write this statement, we are about to hold a growth workshop where we will bring together a wide range of expertise and free thinking to find new ways to increase interest in amateur. We are planning a similar activity on RSGB membership. This year we have supported significant investment in spectrum and licencing to the benefit of the UK amateur radio community. RSGB finances are doing better than budgeted and are on a trajectory that will bring us back to our financial target of breaking even in the long term. If I am endorsed as a nominated director, I will endeavour to drive these core strategic objectives to a satisfactory and sustainable conclusion and then to expand the strategic drive to address more of our key strategic objectives. I ask that the RSGB membership support me to develop an RSGB for the future.