New to voting in the RSGB Elections?

Voting in the 2021 RSGB Elections closed at 09.00 on 22 April 2021
Our sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to cast their vote

The RSGB Board is appointed by you, the RSGB Members

The RSGB Board sets the direction the Society follows and so it is very important that Board Directors are the people you, the Members, wish to represent them.

Take a look at the candidate information for President and Board Director.

Unsure of who to vote for?

Here are some suggestions to help you choose—

  • Go to the candidate information to read the CVs and personal statements that have been written by the candidates; see if their background and aspirations match your view of what the Society needs
  • See who has nominated them—is there someone there that you know? In nominating the candidate, the nominator is saying that they feel the person they have nominated would be a good President or Board Director, which is a personal recommendation
  • Choose someone you think matches the characteristics needed for a good Board Director—someone who is honest and has integrity; who acts professionally and is a team player; who has appropriate skills and experience, as well as time to carry out the role well

The decision about who to vote for is entirely yours, but please do vote—it takes only a few minutes and will help to ensure that the RSGB Board reflects your views.

How do I vote?

  • See our voting guidance page for full instructions on how to cast your vote