Candidate statements

Jonathan C. L. Groves, M0VRI

Curriculum Vitae:
I have always had a passion for electronics and served an apprenticeship with the MoD. I have spent most of my career as a railway signal engineer, working on prestigious projects like the Channel Tunnel, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Docklands Light Railway and several schemes on the London Underground. This safety-critical role has given me an attention to detail and passion for both effective requirements capture and change management which is useful in any role. I was working in the USA for two weeks every month for a year, giving me an appreciation of a different culture and way of looking at engineering challenges. Lately, I have been working in the IT sphere – both involving software development and hardware support including network engineering. This phase has given me experience of modern technology and I have turned my software writing hobby into being a full stack developer. I’m a Non-Executive Director for a CIC providing coding experience for aspiring young developers. This is very satisfying and makes a real difference to these kids by improving their self-confidence, as well as the domain experience.
I’ve always loved languages and speak good French, fair Spanish (which I’m studying) and some German. I’m a keen DIYer and spend too much money on tools. I have too many radios. I am a great believer in sustainability principles and if successful will seek to encourage the use of sustainable power for Amateur Radio operations, especially for QRP operation, by proposing new incentives for our hobby to innovate in this domain.

Personal Statement:
I am a Remote Invigilator and have the privilege of interacting with many Radio Amateurs early in their radio journey and am
inspired by their enthusiasm and excitement. If successful in my nomination, I will strive to find ways to maintain this positive attitude for newcomers
and to spread it to the wider community. I am a Member of the Exam and Syllabus Review Group and have an insight into how the current exam system
works. It relies exclusively on multiple-choice questions, and one might think this is the only way marking can be done automatically. But TestReach
supports over 50 different formats, many of which are auto-scored – and if successful I will encourage investigation of the value different question
types might add while remaining compliant with Ofcom requirements. If successful, I will use my experience of deployment of modern cloud-based IT
systems to provide guidance to help smooth the transition for Head Office and Committees to newer systems which will aid productivity and collaboration,
including helping to guide improvements to the corporate website and social media presence.

Richard Horton, G4AOJ

Curriculum Vitae:
I am a largely retired chartered accountant with over 30 years experience as Finance Director or equivalent positions gained on the boards of several SME companies in the financial services and insurance sectors. My experience, gained in both public and private companies, includes all aspects of financial management and control. It also includes substantial IT experience. I graduated from Oxford in 1973 with an Honours Degree in Physics and spent twelve years with Price Waterhouse as an auditor and a consultant. Licensed continuously since 1971 I have been involved in all aspects of Amateur Radio. I served as RSGB Treasurer from 2013 to 2021 and was instrumental in developing the Society’s investment policy.

Personal Statement:
I have been involved at Board level as Society Treasurer for approximately the last eight years. I believe that by joining the Board I can make a more significant contribution to the Society and its role in protecting and promoting amateur radio, as well as providing relevant services to its membership. I have significant commercial experience mainly gained from senior financial positions in the financial services sector. My experience though is not limited to finance – I have gained substantial understanding of other functions such as HR, Marketing, IT and Customer Service. I have dealt first hand with regulatory bodies. One of my priorities would be to assist in developing the Society’s reach and effectiveness by judicious use of its significant financial reserves.