GB23C – registration details

Please note that the Society Coronation events finished on 30 June 2023, and it is no longer possible to register for GB23C.  This page is retained as a record.

Special Event Licence GB23C

GB23C is an SSES (Special Special Event Station) call sign which Ofcom has kindly granted to celebrate the Coronation of The King and The Queen Consort.

GB23C may be used by RSGB members and clubs during the months of May and June 2023, on an exclusive basis for short periods each.

For licensing purposes the activator (or station supervisor) must be a Full licensee, who is an RSGB member, and is on the RSGB Contest Club membership list. This does not mean you have to take part in future contests, for this event it’s simply a convenient licensing mechanism, as the RSGB is not able to hold call signs in its own name.

Foundation and Intermediate licensees may operate using this call sign under the supervision of a Full licensee.


Volunteers from the contest community have kindly agreed to take the bookings for GB23C and dates will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please check when GB23C is available on the Google Spreadsheet schedule.

For the first nine days of May, Cray Valley Radio Society are establishing a public amateur radio station at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, see for details.

GB23C is particularly appropriate for RSGB Affiliated Societies to activate but we will accept applications from individual RSGB members.

Notice of Variation

GB23C has been issued by Ofcom as a Notice of Variation to the RSGB Contest Club call sign G6XX. If you activate GB23C, this will be as a club member of the Contest Club under Licence Clause 3(5)(a). On application to use GB23C, you will be added to the RSGB Contest Club membership list if you are not already a member.

QSL cards and Logbook of the World

Paper QSL cards will be available for all GB23C QSOs and these will be distributed by Charles M0OXO who has kindly agreed to be the QSL manager for this event. Charles will also upload all QSOs to LoTW.

Activators must agree to use computer logging and to send their log as an ADI file to Charles after their activation. If this is not possible, other GB call signs are available from Ofcom. If you need advice on how to achieve this, please send your questions to the application email address below.

How to Apply

Please apply by email to Please copy and paste the text between the lines below into your email.

Information required:

  • Dates requested (suggested two days max, but we are happy to discuss your suggestions)
  • First Name
  • Call Sign
  • Club Name (if applicable)
  • Details (an optional description of planned activity)
  • Link (an optional link to your web page)

If you are not already a Contest Club member, instructions on how to join are at RSGB Contest Club .