Coronation call signs

Please note that the Society Coronation events finished on 30 June 2023.  It is no longer possible to use the special callsigns or prefixes.  This page is retained as a record.

Individual callsigns

Ofcom has kindly agreed that UK and Crown Dependency radio amateurs may use the “R” prefix in their callsigns during May and June 2023.  A Notice of Variation (NoV) will be required and you can apply via the RSGB website.

Short contest calls may also use this prefix, providing the parent callsign holds the requisite NoV.

A special QSL card template is available for download and printing.

Those who do not wish to apply for a NoV can use the suffix “/23C” on the end of their callsigns throughout May and June 2023, but please note this will not work with FT8/4 and similar modes.

Special Event Stations

After discussion with Ofcom, we suggest that for Special Event Stations (SES) radio amateurs use callsigns GB0Rxx or GB4Rxx (where xx are any letters).

A group in each of the Nations with Regional Secondary Locators (RSL’s), and the Crown Dependencies, may like to use GB3KCx where x is their normal RSL. This has been done by Jersey already and is their suggestion.

You can apply for these SES callsigns via the Ofcom portal in the usual way.

Flagship Special Event Station Callsign GB23C

From 10 May until 30 June 2023 the callsign GB23C is available for RSGB members and clubs to use.  Please apply here.