2023 Convention forums

We have some fantastic forums at this year’s Convention.

Saturday – ICQ Podcast

We’re delighted to bring you two forums in conjunction with ICQ Podcast. These will be longer than the usual presentation slots to give time for discussion.

Amateur radio – someone else’s problem?

Are you killing the amateur radio hobby? Have you snuffed out the light from a new member? Is amateur radio just about what you like? Should someone else fix the issue?

This forum will challenge you to take responsibility for the issues within amateur radio today. You’ll discuss, debate and leave with a notepad full of ideas.

QRM and operating standards

Newcomers are often put off by being belittled, harassed or abused, either because they are still learning, have a lower licence level, or just because they get caught up in something – and that puts them off for ever. However, we all experience QRM of one kind or another and it is something we need to work together to reduce. We’ll discuss experiences, share ideas and be encouraged to engage positively with every radio amateur on the air.

Saturday – discussion with the RSGB Board

This year there will be a special session with the RSGB Board where the Directors will present the four strategic priorities that the Society will be focusing on until the 2024 AGM. After that you will have an opportunity to ask questions. This will be a positive and productive opportunity to discuss with the Board how the Society, and its members, can meet the challenges facing amateur radio today.

The session will be hosted by Don Beattie, G3BJ, who is the former IARU Region 1 President as well as a former president of the Radio Society of Great Britain.

The session will be recorded so if you are unable to attend the Convention but would like to hear a particular topic discussed, please email that topic with your name and call sign to comms@rsgb.org.uk before Monday 9 October.

The discussion will include as many topics as possible but the RSGB cannot guarantee every topic will be covered. Directors will also only answer specific questions from those who attend the session at the Convention.

Sunday – contest forums

The RSGB HF and VHF Forums will take place on Sunday

Be part of it!

The only way to participate in any of these forums is to be at the Convention, so do book your package or day tickets now!