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Life in the RF Spectrum during the last 60 years – is this a life for you?”


The RF spectrum covers a wide range of everyday capabilities that affect our daily life and it is an exciting environment that includes amateur radio. John will discuss his radio communication experiences across the frequency spectrum from VLF, LF, HF, VHF and SHF to satellite communications from 1965 to today. The talk will focus on his early days in the Middle East with a Paramilitary Army in 1968; utilising Operational HF communications in a barren desert environment; the use of LUF, OWF and MUF projections; the deployment of a range of Antenna Systems; and then establishing an amateur radio station using Military High-Power HF equipment. The communications theme will be developed from those days to large Military Communication Systems in the mid-80s, cellular radio for commercial and emergency service use in the 90s and Command and Control Systems in the military domain in the 21st Century. He will touch upon the development of cryptographic modules to secure both military and commercial systems.

Colonel Doody is a retired officer of the UK Royal Corps of Signals, the author of “From Stripes to Stars” and he served at GCHQ and the former Communications-Electronics Security Group for ten years as Head of Information Assurance Customer Services. He has the unique experience of having held appointments in Defence, the Intelligence Services and Industry. John has a wealth of knowledge across the whole spectrum of cyber security, information assurance, cryptography and radio communications. John was awarded the CESG/GCHQ Directors Medal in 2003, elevated to the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame in 2012, and nominated “Godfather of Cyber Security 2021” at the Unsung Cyber Heroes Award Ceremony in the city of London in October 2021.


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