Special Events QSL Guidance

GB0VUL Vulcan to the Sky QSL cardPreparing your Cards

Please choose postcard size QSL cards (140mm x 89mm), as cards any larger or smaller are inconvenient for the QSL Bureau to handle.

Print the addressee’s callsign on both sides of the cards, together with the details of their QSL manager if applicable. Sort USA cards into call areas and all others alphabetically by prefix. Do not space the cards with paper markers, etc. Please pack all cards the same way up and ensure they are adequately packed with the correct prepaid postage.

Where to Send your Cards

The address of the QSL bureau is:

P.O. BOX 5

QSL sub-manager

Please supply the GB QSL Submanager with stamped addressed envelopes no larger than 191mm x 127mm and of strong material, as soon as you receive your letter of variation. Print the special event station callsign and date in the top left of each envelope and send them to the appropriate sub-manager:

For SES callsigns GB?AA – GB?ZZ
Davina Williams, M0LXT
20 Neale Close
Northamptonshire NN29 7UT
E-mail: qsltrekhotmail.co.uk

Amateurs who do not wish to collect cards should notify the QSL Bureau.