Spectrum Release

The 2.3 and 3.4 GHz bands are the focus of Public Sector Spectrum Release (PSSR) – where government managed spectrum holdings are released/auctioned to the commercial sector, typically for wireless broadband (typically for LTE).

The release segments are:-

  • 2.3 GHz:  2350 – 2390 MHz
  • 3.4 GHz:  3410 – 3600 MHz

In April 2014, having previously consulted, Ofcom issued their statement regarding amateur use and these bands. Users of these bands should read the full detail from Ofcom and register their contact info as requested.  Whilst spectrum overall is being lost, there is a new 2.3 GHz NoV opportunity below as part of these changes.


2300-2302 MHz

The RSGB has negotiated access to 2300-2302 MHz for Full Licensees to partly offset the spectrum changes affecting other parts of the 2.3GHz band. The segment is particularly suited for narrowband and EME. From November 2014, NoVs are available to access this frequency range for a three year period from fixed locations. Please remember to renew the NoV when appropriate.



A background article on ‘Spectrum Release’  was featured in January 2013 RadCom and available to download below. Ofcom consultations related to this occurred in 2013 ahead of final changes (and auctions) in 2014/5. The release segments are indicated in the RSGB band plans and are also depicted below:-

2.3 GHz Spectrum Release
2.3 GHz Band

 3.4 GHz Spectrum Release

3.4 GHz Band


Background – The June-2013 Consultation

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