5.7 and 10 GHz

In the UK these two secondary allocations are not contiguous blocks due to licensing restrictions

5.7 GHz (6cms)
The UK amateur service allocation is broken into a number of blocks with the central one home to narrowband, EME and beacons at 5760MHz. The band also offers the opportunity to adapt 802.11 datalink equipment. The amateur satellite service has two separate sub-bands, with satellite links centred at  5668 for uplinks  and 5840 MHz for downlinks.

5.7 GHz band - Click for larger view
10 GHz (3cms)
This band is the most popular frequency range above 23cms. It is home to narrowband, EME and beacons at 10368 MHz, and ATV repeaters. A segment at the top of the band has satellites at 10450 MHz. It is also the only microwave band available to Foundation Licensees (1 Watt max). Like 5.7 GHz, the UK allocation is not contiguous, following the reallocation of 10.125-10.225 and >10.475 for commercial use.

The 10GHz Band - click for larger image