WRC-19 Papers

This page has additional background material on ITU-R World Radio Conference (WRC) Agenda Items and Proposals. Please scroll down for key topics:-

WRC-19 Results Overview


WRC-19 Background
Resolutions for relevant WRC-19 agenda items (as agreed in the WRC-15 Final Acts)

A full list of agenda items is on the ITU Website


Additional Background on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

AI-9.1.6 above covers the use of WPT for Electric Vehicles (WPT-EV),  a high power application that can involve many kilowatts of power for wirelessly recharging cars or larger vehicles such as buses.

Ofcom Measurements:

  • Bletchley:  16(089), Presented at CEPT WGSE#74, Sep-2016
  • Canning Town: SE24(17)INFO18, Presented at CEPT SE24 M93, Dec-2017
  • NB: The above are at ~20kHz for large vehicles, not 79-90kHz for cars

IARU:  WPT-Briefing Slides, June-2018

RSGB:  Submission to CEPT re Draft ECC Report-289 on WPT, Nov-2018

CEPT: ECC Report 289 re WPT-EV in 79-90 kHz, Jan-2019


Additional Background on 50 MHz

AI-1.1 covers a formal amateur service allocation in Region-1, to support global harmonisation:-


Proposed WRC-23 Agenda Items

As we get get closer to WRC-19, proposals for WRC-23 agenda items (that would need to be down-selected and agreed at WRC-19 for the next 2020-2023 cycle) are also  in progress.

Currently of concern are the following that are being proposed in Europe/CEPT in a process that involved CEPT-PTA and the higher level CEPT-CPG groups:-


CEPT CPG Meeting,  26-30 Aug-2019

This key meeting of the CEPT Conference Preparatory Group (CPG) agreed positions for WRC-19 Agenda Items and draft WRC-23 proposals:-



Note: IARU and RSGB volunteers are fully engaged with the ongoing WRC process including the above in CEPT-CPG, CEPT-PTA (future items),  CEPT-PTD (50 MHz, WPT, 5GHz)  and CEPT-PT1 (24/47 GHz). At UK level, RSGB are members of the Ofcom IFPG groups that consider these matters.


Previous Ofcom Inputs