4 September 2023 – MINOS Contest Logging Software by Peter Burton, G3ZPB

| September 4, 2023

The presentation

Peter will cover the following points in his presentation:

  1. An introduction to what MINOS does in terms of contest logging
  2. Additional features
  3. How to obtain the software and how to install it
  4. Setting it up for first use
  5. Hands-on using it in a contest
  6. Some additional contest features
  7. Installing Rig Control and Rotator Control
  8. Set-up and use of Rig Control

About Peter

Peter is a retired Chartered Electrical Engineer having spent much of his life in the radio communications and computer industries.  During the early 70s he co-founded the “Amateur Radio Bulk Buying Group” to ease the problems we had getting components for some magazine’s construction projects.  This became incorporated into his company Catronics Ltd manufacturing a range of small electronic products such as Digital Frequency Meters and also an Amateur Radio Retailer selling Trio/Kenwood products.  Later in his career, he headed up the Government’s Radio Technology Laboratory at Whyeleafe.

He gained his first amateur radio licence in  the ‘60s as G8BRB, then as VK5ZPB for a couple of years and eventually passing his Morse test in 1970 to become G3ZPB.  He is active on most bands between 80m and 70cms using speech or data modes for both rag-chews and contesting.  His favourite activity is taking part in the RSGB 70cms FT8 Activity Contests where he frequently gets a “top 5” place each month.

His interest in both radio and computers has led him to take a keen interest in how and where computers can assist in an amateur radio station.  He has been a member of the development team with MINOS for about five years with particular responsibility for testing the software with a wide range of different rigs.

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