Syllabus 2019 review completed

| July 31, 2020

The Examinations Standards Committee (ESC) and the Examination and Syllabus Review Group (ESRG) have completed a review of Syllabus 2019 following feedback from the tutor community.

This new release, V1.4 contains no new examinable items. The most significant changes have been re-grouping certain syllabus topics together, as well as some minor text amendments to make the meaning of certain points clearer. There is also the removal from the syllabus of a matter relating to mains earthing. This may be re-introduced later, but further advice will be taken before doing so.

As there are no new learning points, and with the syllabus remaining consistent with the question banks, the new syllabus is put into operation with immediate effect. The ‘effective date’ stated on the front sheet will now be 1 August 2020. We thank all the tutors who have given us their helpful feedback.

Where changes have been made between V1.3 and V1.4, a schedule of differences has been produced. The purpose of this document is to assist tutors in determining quickly what has been altered.

Intermediate Practical Assessment

One major change to the syllabus is the removal entirely of the Intermediate Practical Assessment. This has been under review for a considerable period of time where the content was seen as increasingly irrelevant to the goal of obtaining an amateur radio licence.

Future review

Finally, a more significant review will commence in the autumn, due for publication in January 2021 as Version 2. Consultation will take place with the training community and we will release more details in due course. This is expected to involve some changes and additions to the learning requirement of the syllabus and hence will not be examinable until 1 July, 2021.

If you have any questions please email them to either:

Tony Kent, ESC Chair:

Donard de Cogan, ESRG Chair:

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