RadCom Silent Keys February 2014

| January 16, 2014

Due to a production error the Silent Keys column in the February 2014 RadCom contained a repeat of the information in the January edition. We will correct this in the March edition and apologise unreservedly for any distress that may have been caused. The February edition should have contained the following:

Name                                                          Date

Mr R Minford, GI0EIO
Mr J Flint, G0SDB                                 2/12/2013
Mr R J Hughes, G3GVV                          14/12/2013
Mr F B Stanbridge, G3PZS                     18/12/2013
Mr P I Roberts, G4WSU                         7/12/2013
Mr M K Harding, M3UUX                        2/12/2013
Mr J Whittaker, M0AAS                         9/8/2013
Mr W L Gray, M0CPH
Mr R P Lapham, M0RPL                          4/12/2013
Mr J A Fegan, VE3QF                             2012


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