Geoff Ingram, M0AGI, 11 September 2012

| May 13, 2013


Geoff Ingram, M0AGI

Geoff Ingram, M0AGI was lost at sea aged 51 following the capsize of his trawler Sarah Jayne on Tuesday 11th September 2012 whilst fishing 2.5 miles off Berry Head, South Devon. When the fishing boat capsized Geoff had ordered his crew of 2 off the stricken vessel, then returned to the wheelhouse to activate the distress signal. Volunteer divers returned Geoff’s body to his family from the wheelhouse of the Sarah Jane on the 20th September 2012.

Geoff has been involved in amateur radio for a good many years and operated the EchoLink node in Exmouth. Geoff was a member of the Exmouth Amateur Radio club for many years and served on the Committee, but due to work commitments as a professional fisherman could only attend the club for the occasional meeting. Recently, he had installed amateur radio equipment on the trawler Sarah Jayne and would often QSO /MM with amateurs on various bands when at sea. Geoff was also member of the Exmouth RNLI; in 1985 Geoff was awarded the RNLI’s Vellum Service Certificate for bravery after entering the sea from the lifeboat in force 7 winds and eight-foot waves to rescue two girls who were in difficulty after a speedboat sank and they were in danger of drowning.

The funeral service for Geoff was held on Monday 1st October 2012 in Exmouth and attended by fishermen representing fishing ports in the South West, colleagues from the RNLI as well as local friends.

Tribute by Mike Newport, G1GZG
Secretary, Exmouth Amateur Radio Club


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