GB2RS Manager

The GB2RS Manager is responsible for the organisation of the GB2RS news service and the nationwide and international network of newsreaders



  • Steve Richards, G4HPE



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About GB2RS

Frank Hicks-Arnold, G6MB makes the first GB2RS broadcast from his station on 25 September 1955

After many years of negotiations with the Post Office, the RSGB was authorised to broadcast the first news bulletin at 10.00 on Sunday, 25 September 1955.

This broadcast was on 3600kHz from the home of Frank Hicks-Arnold, G6MB, in Walton-on-Thames, using the special call sign GB2RS.

Today, the news is broadcast every Sunday on many amateur bands from 160m to microwave frequencies and via the QO-100 amateur satellite.

As well as traditional spoken readings, GB2RS is available via amateur television transmissions and as a podcast.

The full schedule of GB2RS broadcasts can be downloaded at

GB2RS carries items of interest to radio amateurs and listeners, together with current contest, special event and propagation information.