Planning Advice Booklet

Planning permission advice booklet montage

The Society publishes a booklet Planning Permission: Advice to RSGB Members.

The booklet includes all the information an amateur needs to produce a good planning application and hopefully obtain planning permission.

The booklet is made available here for Members of the Society.


You will need your Membership Services Login to access the booklet.

What’s in the booklet?

Subjects tackled include:

  • Steps before you produce a planning application
  • Need for planning permission
  • Where to apply
  • Fees
  • Your neighbours
  • Mobile masts
  • Enforcement


The booklet is only available from RSGB Headquarters, or to download from Membership Services.

As this is a service for Members only, it is not available for sale as are other Society publications.

Do I need to read the planning booklet?

The importance of obtaining the booklet and following the steps set out cannot by overestimated. Feedback obtained at rallies and exhibitions suggests that most amateurs who do this, and have a reasonable expectation of what they want to put up, get permission or otherwise get the aerials they want.

The booklet is reviewed and updated annually—the Committee welcomes suggestions as to how it might be improved.

The advice contained within the RSGB planning booklet is just one of the many benefits of membership.