10 Metres, 28.0 – 29.7MHz

10 metres is by far the widest of the HF bands and can seem very empty during the years of sunspot minima. However, there is often propagation to somewhere at many times, so it’s always worth checking and calling. During sunspot maxima, it can be open worldwide and contacts are easy with low power and simple antennas.

In the summer months, sporadic E propagation is very common, providing very strong signals around Europe and further. Good contacts can often be made with low power and simple aerials during strong sporadic E conditions.

The upper part of the band above 29.0MHz is also used for FM, wideband digital experiments and a number of repeaters and internet gateways. AM operation can also be found in the 29.0-29.1MHz range. AM is allowed also by exception in the 2700Hz All Mode segments on all HF bands except 30 metres.

kHz 28000 28070 28070 28190 28190 28300 28300 29000 29000 29300 29300 29520 29520 29700
Modes CW Data Beacons SSB All Modes Satellite FM

Indication of predominant mode use, see detailed band plan for full definition of permitted modes.