6 November 2023 – An entry-level talk on End Fed Half Wave antennas by Colin Summers, MM0OPX

| December 7, 2023

The presentation

Aimed at newcomers to amateur radio, this presentation will be an entry-level talk which will touch on antennas generally but will focus on the End Fed Half Wave Antenna (EFHW) – transformers, construction and performance.

About Colin

“I first became interested in radio around 12 years old when my cousin showed me an FM CB radio where we would use these to talk to each other. We would regularly stay at our grandparents at the weekend where we would listen to shortwave radio and local FM non commercial stations. I started building CB antennas like dipoles and even once built a 3 element wire Yagi on fencing slats for the summer Sporadic E! I had a break from radio from the age of 17 to 29. I then discovered the 3-tier licence system which allowed HF access from the get-go. I soon enrolled in a weekend Foundation course which ran in May 2011 and by the end of November the same year I had my Full licence. Particular thanks go to John, GM1BSG & Stirling Amateur Radio Society in which I gained so much initial experience in contesting and field setups.

Radio took a back seat again when my daughter arrived in 2015 but I got interested again in 2019. From 2019 till now my passion is designing and building efficient HF field portable antennas deployable by one person. This was driven by the fact I have a small garden and cannot have antennas set up all the time. In the autumn of 2012, I was lucky enough to operate as VE4/MM0OPX deep in the Boreal Forest of Northern Manitoba on at lake on the Nelson River. My aim was to work back into Europe on SSB which I did several times and have a QSL card to prove it!”

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