3 July 2023 – Receiving Antennas are Different… by Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ

| July 5, 2023

Eric’s presentation

Almost every ham radio station can benefit from a separate receiving antenna (or several!) While reciprocity applies to both receiving and transmitting antennas, the priorities are different. Effective receiving antennas are optimized for best signal to noise ratio, not necessarily the greatest gain. There are countless interesting means of building high signal to noise ratio receiving antennas and we will explore some of these in ‘Receiving Antennas are Different’.

About Eric

Eric P. Nichols has written numerous articles in just about every existent and defunct amateur radio and electronics experimenter publication over the past 30 years, with a strong emphasis on radio design and techniques. He worked as a broadcast engineer for a quarter century, later applying his radio experience to experiments conducted at HIPAS Observatory and HAARP, as well as designing instrumentation for the UCLA Plasma Physics department.

Eric is a two-time recipient of the William Orr, W6SAI Technical Writing Award, conferred by the ARRL. He writes two regular columns, “Analog Adventures” in CQ Magazine and “Self Paced Essays” in QEX. His latest book is “Playing with Meteors”, published by CQ Communications.

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