15 May 2023 – The T41-EP ALPS: A High Performance CW Decoder by Jack Purdum, W8TEE and Al Peter, AC8GY

| May 18, 2023

The presentation

Jack and Al collaborated to build the T41-EP, a 7 band, 20W, CW/SSB SDR transceiver and this presentation is chiefly about how they developed the high performance CW decoder.

Jack and Al co-authored the Software Defined Radio Transceiver (2022) and Microcontroller Projects for Amateur Radio (2019) books and numerous articles and presentations. They are also co-founders of the Greater Cincinnati Builders Group and were awarded the RSGB’s Bennett Prize in 2021 for their article on their “Double-Double Magnetic Loop” antenna article in the February, 2020, issue of RadCom.

About Jack and Al

Jack Purdum, W8TEE
Dr. Jack Purdum is a retired professor of Computer Technology at Purdue University where he taught various computer programming courses. He is the author of 20 textbooks and more than three dozen articles, mostly on computer programming and QRP projects using microcontrollers. Dr. Purdum was first licensed in 1954 and has been licensed ever since and has been a Life Member of the ARRL since 1972. Since his retirement in 2009, Dr. Purdum has championed QRP operations and is an avid supporter of the Open Source movement, in both hardware and software. Dr. Purdum’s time is spent writing books and QRP operating. Jack is the principal developer for the T41-EP SDR transceiver software.

Al Peter, AC8GY 
Al Peter has degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, has been a ham since 2010, and an electronics builder-experimenter since the 1960’s. He was founder and CEO of a major engineering consulting and software company specializing in CAD and related software and has extensive computer and software experience. He has designed and built numerous microcontroller projects for ham radio featured in published articles, plus an add-on board for the uBITX, a high-performance signal generator, scalar network analyzer, and other high-end, yet economical, tools for the ham shack. Al is the designer of the T41-EP SDT transceiver hardware.

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