3 April 2023 – Sheep Worrier: A High Altitude Balloon Flight and Recovery System by Heather Nickalls, M0HMO

| March 22, 2023

Heather’s presentation

In this talk Heather covers an introduction to flying high-altitude balloons (HABs), the radio systems involved, some science experiments she did on their flights, the recovery system she developed to help find the payload when it lands and, of course, lots of pictures from “almost” the edge of space.

About Heather

Ever since making her first computer in 1982 Heather has enjoyed playing with computers and electronics. She spent most of her career travelling around the world fixing customers’ problems with their software or hardware projects before retiring in 2016 so that she could stay at home and fix problems with her own software and hardware projects.

She discovered amateur radio in 2012 but virtually never gets on air as she is always too busy making things so that she can get on air.

She is interested in everything from quantum computer program design to PIC programming, vintage cars, anything to do with space or astronomy and every aspect of radio from DC to Light especially if it has an SDR in it.

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