3 October 2022 – HF on Holiday: considerations and ideas by Daimon Tilley, G4USI

| September 23, 2022

Daimon’s presentation

Have you ever considered operating whilst on holiday? In this presentation, Daimon will cover the things you might wish to consider if taking a small HF station with you, either at home or abroad. From family, licensing, mode and other considerations, Daimon will focus on some practical examples of antennas and small stations that he uses himself to be QRV, wherever he is.

This presentation will focus on practical aspects of leisure operating as an aside to your holiday, rather than being the main component – this is not a presentation about planning DXpeditions.

About Daimon

Daimon was first licensed as G6PRY in 1982, and following the CW test, as G4USI in 1983. His main interest was HF SSB and a little 2m FM, and he pursued the hobby actively until 1990 when he got married. Family life and a 30-year career got in the way of any radio, but when he retired in 2015, he happily fell back into the hobby.

Realising the enormous pace of technological change, he began to catch-up and learn. He soon realised that sharing his new learning, as well as pre-existing knowledge, might help others new to the hobby, or like him, returning. Since 2019, Daimon has written over 25 published magazine articles in PW, RadCom and Radio User. Since the start of 2022, he has also been co-authoring the RadCom HF Column, writing the column on a rotational basis with his colleague John Petters.

Despite passing the CW test in 1983, Daimon did not have his first CW QSO until February 2019, but QRP CW is now his clear preferred mode.


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