27 September 2021 – Repeaters: how they are built, planned, commissioned and used by Steve Morton, F4VTF, G8SFR

| September 27, 2021

Steve’s presentation

Voice repeaters have been with us in UK for almost 50 years a lot has changed in that time. We all are aware of repeaters but how many of us have considered what’s involved in getting one commissioned?

In his presentation, Steve will cover a wide variety of information about repeaters, including the following:

  • What is a repeater, even in its most basic form?
  • What is required to put a repeater on air?
  • Are all repeaters connected to the internet?
  • Is it important to support your local repeater group?
  • Don’t just listen….put out a call, respond to other people’s calls even if you don’t know them!
  • Is a Simplex Gateway an alternative to a voice repeater?
  • What does Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee(ETCC) do?
  • Where can you find out more information

About Steve

Steve Morton is originally from the North West of England.

He took his RAE whilst still in training in his first job. He became licensed as G8SFR in 1979. After a short spell as ZC4SM in Cyprus in the early 1980’s he is now mainly active on VHF and UHF. He is a full-time resident in France and is now licenced as F4VTF .

He has been an RSGB volunteer since 1994, first of all with RSGB Data Communications Committee, responsible for frequency clearance applications. More recently he has been responsible for all Simplex Internet Gateway and Packet Radio NoV applications. Steve also assists with the frequency assignment of repeaters throughout UK using his knowledge and experience.

Steve spent over 35 years working for different government organisations including the Radiocommunications Agency (RA) and Ofcom before finishing his working career as the RF Spectrum Manager for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

He retired in 2010 and now lives with his wife at their house in South West France.

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