6 September 2021 – An introduction to meteor scatter communications, by Gavin Nesbitt, MM1BXF

| August 27, 2021

Gavin’s presentation

Have you ever thought about making more QSOs over a longer range on VHF? This talk will give you the background on how to achieve that through bouncing your signal off meteor trails. During the talk Gavin will show you how and why Meteor Scatter communications work: what software you should use, how you should use it, and when you should use it.

He’ll also look at what tools are available to help you to maximise your QSO count.

About Gavin

Gavin has been a licensed ham since 1997. He didn’t take his Morse test as he found VHF and up more interesting and challenging than HF. That interest quickly led him to MGM modes which helped with the challenging propagation found on V/UHF bands, so he’s been active on Meteor Scatter and similar modes for a little over 20 years.

Professionally he has worked in telecoms, particularly cellular, for all his career which has allowed him to live in and around the UK and mainland Europe for a number of years sampling life, including ham radio, in various locations.

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