17 May 2021 – Discover more about amateur radio direction finding by ARDF Chair Bob Titterington, G3ORY

| March 17, 2021

Bob’s presentation

Bob takes a look at Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) from its start in the UK prior to World War II to the situation in 2021 where there is a worldwide structure, competition format and rules.

It covers the legal impediments to running DF hunts using cars, the frequencies, competition formats and the equipment needed for 2021 ARDF.

There will then be a sequence of videos showing someone competing in a 144MHz event which shows not just the taking and plotting of bearings but the whole decision-making process that results in locating the hidden transmitters rapidly.

It is the challenge of this process that can make ARDF so enjoyable.

The webinar also features contributions from Kim Taylor, M0KNV giving the perspective of a regular club member being talked into trying ARDF and from Flora Jolly who was persuaded to go out and try ARDF with her Dad David, M0JCO.

The presentation wraps up with a review of ARDF coverage across the RSGB regions and the steps currently being taken by the RSGB Board and the ARDF Committee to make provision for ARDF in all regions.

About Bob

Bob was first licensed in 1960 just two weeks after passing the Morse test at the Ships’ Radio Surveyors’ office at the Liver Building in Liverpool. He was a member of the former Liverpool University ARS (G3OUL) and later became a member of the Nuneaton Radio Club (G3XJU) whilst working in Coventry and Leicester. Bob joined the De Montfort University Club (G3SDC) in 1968 and has been a member since then.

In the 1970s and 80s he took part in regular DF hunts with DMUARS using cars, which are today a no-go area resulting from new limitations of third party cover provided by most motor insurance policies. He took up Orienteering in 1973 and is still active today in this outdoor activity. He moved to ARDF using the IARU rules by travelling to the Continent to take part in the late 1990s.

ARDF in the UK started here using the international rules in 2003 and Bob became Chair of the RSGB ARDF Committee soon after that. He is currently a member of the RSGB Volunteer Leadership Team (VLT) in his role as ARDF Committee Chair.

Bob won the 80m Classic race for the M70 category at the World ARDF Championships in Serbia in 2012 and he is also an active radio contester supporting many of the RSGB HFCC events.

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