7 December 2020 – So what’s next? by Jonathan Mitchener, G0DVJ

| December 7, 2020

Jonathan’s presentation

This is a jargon-free, wide-ranging talk about where amateur radio can take you, whether you are new to the hobby or returning after a gap.

Using his own extensive journey and experiences from amateur radio, Jonathan discusses—

  • What’s possible
  • How to start out
  • How to discover your own particular interests from the huge breadth of options, by continuously learning and trying new things—this includes your knowledge, skills and equipment

Jonathan also talks about building your ideal shack or station by bringing together the best components that support your interests.

Finally, he demonstrates that by setting your own goals within the hobby, you can always have a vision of how to get more from it.

If you’ve recently passed your exams and got a licence, or resurrected one from the past, this episode will help you to know what to think about and do next

About Jonathan

Jonathan was first licensed as G6JBI in 1982 at the age of 15, having been a shortwave listener and member of the RSGB since 1979.

He has tried most aspects of amateur radio in the 40-plus years since then—including international operation as SO6DVJ, 3Z0I/1, J6M, and V31AA—and now focuses on CW, contesting and supporting local clubs’ activities and training.

He is a member of four clubs in the area of north-east Essex and Suffolk, where he lives with his wife Grazyna, who also holds a radio licence.

He is a volunteer for the RSGB, spanning past and present roles such as County Morse Examiner and GB2RS News Reader for East Anglia, and he regularly participates as part of the UK national team using GR2HQ in the IARU HF World Championship each July.

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