RadCom Basics December 2020, No. 19

| January 26, 2021

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  • Welcome to the latest edition by Lee, G4EJB, Editor
    In this edition, a brief look at the RSGB YouTube channel and accessing the RSGB 2020 Convention if you missed it. For newcomers—and those looking to brush up on basics—a link to the very useful Foundation practicals. And—as part of the continuing theme Are You Making Full Use of the RSGB?—antennas and planning permission
  • FT8 digital mode
    When returning to the hobby after years away, there appeared to be a great deal of activity around what I discovered were data modes on the HF bands. In some ways not surprising but, what did get my attention was the performance of the weak signal modes. Let’s look at just one mode that can be used for simple QSOs and has really exploded in popularity—FT8
  • Metal bashing
    Carrying on with basic workshop skills—this time using a hacksaw to cut metal sheet and a little filing—I had to brush off the rust on my skills to make a smallhttps://thersgb.org/members/resources/?id=5886er case for my 40m SSB transceiver project.
  • How filters can help remove interference from outside the amateur bands
    You’ll encounter four main types of filter: low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop/reject filters. Each type of filter has its own characteristics and usefulness. An article from the Start Here series by Jonathan Constable, M5FUN and Tatiana McArthur, MM6TAT originally published in RadCom, May 2010 edition
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