Stuart Constable, M0CHW – February 2023

| March 3, 2023

Many in the East Sussex area will recognise the callsign of Stuart M0CHW, an active amateur in the area for decades. Stuart passed away peacefully in his sleep in February.

Following his early retirement from the Police Service, Stuart embraced radio as a hobby and, in true amateur spirit, spent much of his time increasing his knowledge and skills in what we know to be a very diverse hobby, from operation to propagation and construction.

Such was his interest and willingness to help others, he set up the Herstmonceux Megacycles radio club (GB2RGO/G3YNN) based at Royal Greenwich Observatory Science Centre in East Sussex. Realising he had inspired many to get on air, he registered the club as a training centre with the RSGB and coached many individuals and small groups to get their licences.

The club had to close in recent years owing to a change of use by the owners and despite this, Stuart’s interest never ceased. He spent his time researching propagation, operating modes and radio astronomy, often helping out at the Science Centre itself on various events. It is fair to say he spent more time showing others how to operate on air and encouraging new people into the hobby than he spent himself on the key.

All those who know him will appreciate that his dry sense of humour will be sorely missed. He was an asset to the hobby, a dear friend and is survived by his wife Cath (M1EXL), children Jonathan (M5FUN), and Cherry (M3WOW) and granddaughter Beatrix.

James Eade G8AJP

Category: Silent Keys