Ian Croasdale, M1EHI 5 August 2022

| August 8, 2022

Ian B Croasdale, M1EHI, former chairman of Chorley & DARS

Sadly went SK on 05/08/2022. Ian was one of the training team at the club, having had youngsters at just the age of seven get on the radio.

You always knew Ian was about, especially when teaching safety in amateur radio because if it was wrong or possibly dangerous you would hear him shout & you DID not do that again!

Ian was good fun to be around, he was quite knowledgeable about a lot of subjects and if you clicked with him on a subject he was interested in, outside of the Hobby you always got an interesting point of view from him. Ian leaves his wife Nessie and three children, Sarah, Matthew & Stephen.

Ian went long before his time & only in his 50s. There’s a lot of Hams he has got on the air over the last ten years. I had the privilege of knowing him.  R.I.P. /  — .—- . …. .. .-. .. .–.

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