Bob ‘Noz’ King, G3ASE, 5th April 2020

| April 20, 2020
Bob King, G3ASE (SK)

Bob King, G3ASE (SK) (click to see him in his shack)

It is with great sadness that we learned that Bob ‘Noz’ King, G3ASE, became a Silent Key on Sunday the 5th of April, 2020.

In 1941 Bob was recruited as a Voluntary Interceptor at the age of 16, followed by four and half years in the Radio Security Service stationed at Box 25, Arkley View, Barnet. There he examined logs from intercept stations to determine which transmissions were German Abwehr and were thus wanted. These were identified, if possible, for the group and service or perhaps a new service set up by the Germans. The procedure was based on ham chat abbreviations, with rarely any indication that they might be German. But the ham chat was suspicious, eg QSA0 or QSA nil, QRX Next; 3 letter callsigns and groups of 5 letter cipher!

As a school teacher, Bob ran the school club call sign G3MJJ at St Ivo school St Ives and they ran skeds with other schools.

In recent years he has not been active on the ham bands, but kept contact with other Voluntary Interceptors (VI), Bletchley Park and the National Radio Centre, where he is featured in the VI display. His family have asked to be given space and privacy at this difficult time.


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