Stuart Boast, G3WDL, 8 January 2020

| February 24, 2020

Stuart Boast, G3WDL was born on 22 June 1945 and became a SK on 8 January 2020.

Stuart was born in Doncaster and lived in the neighbourhood all his life. On leaving school he worked at the steel works in Scunthorpe but had ambitions of becoming a ships radio officer. This took him to the radio officers training school in Kingston-Upon-Hull. After qualifying he worked for Marconi Ltd, eventually becoming a Chief Radio Officer. His favourite ship was the Tabaristan of the Strick Line Ltd, usually trading between UK ports and India. After a few years at sea he worked at the Case tractor factory in Doncaster and latterly as a craft technician at a school for children with challenging needs.

Stuart loved sailing amongst his many outdoor pursuits, becoming an instructor and lifeguard. His interest in amateur radio led him to join Finningley Amateur Radio Society around 20 years ago where he was secretary and licence holder. Being very proficient at CW operating (as would befit a ships radio officer) he took part in winning many contests and had a wonderful way of giving advice on amateur radio, catering and many other practical subjects. He is survived by his wife Michelle and son Gregory.

G3WDL will be missed by all members at the club, but his memory will live on.

Tribute by Colin Bowes, 2E0UBT

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