Charles Frank Beech, VK7BC, 14 November 2019

| January 4, 2020
Charles Frank Beech, VK7BC (SK)

Charles Frank Beech, VK7BC (SK)

Charles Frank Beech, known as Frank, was born on August 6th 1933. He grew up in England and attended radio school around the age of 16 where his love of radios began. From there he became a merchant marine radio officer for over 10 years, traveling the world on various ships. During that time he became licensed as a radio amateur with the callsign G3PVL.

In 1970 Frank emigrated to Australia with wife Paddy and son Chris; they settled in Northern Tasmania. There, Frank acquired the callsign VK7BC.

With a merchant marine background it’s not surprising that Frank was an avid CW man. The walls of his shack were adorned with many award certificates earned over many years; these include Antarctica and IOTA awards. Frank was a member of WIA, RSGB, CQDX (UK), RAOTC, ARRL and the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society (RNARS).

Frank worked for several electronics firms then later at his own public address business, from which he retired in the late 1990s. Retirement gave the opportunity to pursue amateur radio in earnest, which he certainly did to within a few weeks of his death on November 14th.

He is survived by wife of 54 years, Paddy, granddaughter Ashley, and great-grandchildren Hamish, Isabelle and Hunter.

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