Jack Wintle, G0UJW, 30 December 2016

| January 25, 2017
Jack Wintle, G0UJW (SK)

Jack Wintle, G0UJW (SK)

Jack Wintle, G0UJW passed away on 30 December 2016.  Among his many interests, Jack focused on radio communication and along with many others initially made use of CB radio, which allowed him to speak to friends in distant parts.  This interest grew and he joined the Andover Radio Amateur Club where he was able to obtain his Full licence.  With this and some new equipment he could work stations around the world and with that many friendships were struck up.  One of the things that fascinated Jack was being able to receive weather map data from the latest satellites and then discuss the forthcoming weather with people all around the British Isles.

Jack was very popular with all the members of the Andover Radio club eventually becoming its Chairman, which allowed him to invigorate the club with new ideas.  One of his best was to suggest that the club held twice annual car boot sales, the profits from which saved the club from folding up when accommodation charges became prohibitively more expensive.  These sales still carry on today and are a real lifeline for the club.

One of the things that he will be remembered for is his nightly Morse code classes because, having learned the code himself, he decided to spread it to the other newer members by use of a twice weekly net.  At least five club members and six more outside Hampshire gained their certificates because of his efforts.

The club decided to elect Jack to be its President in 2000, a post he held until 2006, but his popularity continued and shortly afterwards he was made a life member (of which there are only 5)

Jack will be missed by many of the members at the club meetings and hundreds around the world on the air.

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