Alan Boswell, G3NOQ, 5 August 2015

| August 20, 2015

Alan Boswell, G3NOQ was one of the RSGB’s most respected Members. Until his death on 5th August 2015 he was an active member of the RadCom technical panel. He had particular skill in vetting articles on antenna matters. I knew Alan well from our joint involvement with the IEE (now the IET), where we met at conferences and often interacted on technical issues to do with antennas. As recently as last year we collaborated in publishing an article on small loops, along with another retired engineer and radio amateur in South Africa (Mike Perks, ZS6BIM). It appeared in the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine last August.

Alan’s passing will leave a huge void in the professional antenna community where he was very highly regarded.

Tribute by Dr Brian Austin, G0GSF


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