Capt John Francis MBE, G3LWI (Royal Signals, Retd), 28 January 2014

| February 20, 2014
Capt John Francis MBE G3LWI (SK)

Capt John Francis MBE G3LWI (SK)

John Francis died on 28 January 2014 at his home in the Isle of Wight. During his service with the Royal Signals he dealt with some of the most secret intelligence signals between the Royal Signals and GCHQ.

It is very difficult to write a long tribute to John for the 30 years that I knew him because “he never told me anything that I could admit to knowing”.

John was the Morse examiner for the island.

We shall miss him. John leaves a widow, Rosemary, and two children, Alison and Michael.

Tribute by George Blain, G3JLN.

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