Frank Erskine, G3WTE, 19 September 2013

| October 3, 2013

Frank Erskine,  G3 WTE   (‘ Wireless Telegraphy Expert’ ),  one of RAYNET Sunderland Group’s few remaining members, has died.

He was previously a civil servant, working in the Radio Regulatory Department, monitoring radio frequencies across the spectrum and assisting with interference problems across the North East.

His date of birth was 22 June 1948 and he died from cancer at home in Silksworth, City of Sunderland, on 19 September 2013.

He was a very kind man who was helpful to all people he met, and never did anyone a bad turn.

In addition to his amateur radio activities, membership and support for RSGB, previous member of Sunderland Radio Club, providing training for CW, via RAYNET, his support for events and Sunderland Scouts, supporter of the Ryhope Colliery preserved pumping station and engine, he was a devout supporter of the RC church.

Tribute by
Eric G McGlen MBE, G6INK


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