James ‘Ken’ Downs, G8CFI, 23 March 2013

| May 13, 2013

James Kenneth Downs, G8CFI, known as Ken, passed away on 23 March 2013.

Dad had been a keen radio amateur since being a teenager and had built many radios himself over the years. He still showed a keen interest in the hobby even at 84 years old struggling with COPD. According to Mum he received RadCom free of charge as a thank you for donating one of these radios to the RSGB for others to use and learn from. I cannot tell you much at all about his radio activities as I didn’t understand it in the slightest, I would just agree with him and nod impressively when he would say what he had heard on 2 metres (I still haven’t the foggiest what that means!!).

He was 84 years old, died peacefully in Chorley District Hospital in Lancashire and has left behind his wife (my Mum) Audrey Downs and three daughters – Gail, Pascale and Claire (me!).

Tribute by Claire Downs

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