RadCom Basics, No. 38, January 2024

| January 26, 2024

We are pleased to announce the January 2024 edition of RadCom Basics is now available on the RSGB website

In this edition, Fraser Wenseth, MM0EFI looks at the sources of information needed to activate UK Bunkers on the Air (UKBOTA) sites, and explains how to make the most of this new portable operating scheme.

Also in this edition:

  • 12 Working the 160 and 80m bands from small gardens and limited space
    Andy Gilfillan, G0FVI explains the challenges of operating these two low HF bands from typically space restrictive small gardens and spaces
  • 20 Building an HF multi-band vertical antenna
    In this article, Lee Aldridge, G4EJB puts into practice a simple vertical antenna for use on the higher HF bands
  • 30 Demystifying dipoles: Part three – The inverted-V dipole
    In the final part of this series, Tim Hier G5TM looks at the impact of using an inverted-V dipole as opposed to a flat-top version, comparing their performance at varying heights, and at how different apex angles influence the antenna
  • 36 Which coaxial cable should I use?
    Tim, G5TM looks at the different coaxial cable options for operating at different frequencies, from HF up to UHF

To read this edition online, or to download the PDF version, go to rsgb.org/radcom-basics or tap or click the cover image below, and login with your callsign and RSGB Membership Services password

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