Supporting clubs to encourage growth and participation

| March 27, 2018

RSGB Strategy 2022We know that clubs around the country are doing great things to encourage new people into amateur radio and to help current radio amateurs to develop their skills at all levels.

The Society provides a range of services to support clubs in these activities, from the administration of exams to the provision of contests and the help of the Regional team. However, it also provides other tools to enable clubs to nurture growth and participation – two of the RSGB’s strategic priorities – and this month we’d like to highlight a few that are new or that clubs may be less familiar with.

Kit-building workshops: In order to encourage participation in construction activities, RSGB Legacy Committee funding has enabled the purchase of a tool kit that can be loaned to Affiliated Clubs and Groups. This new kit contains twelve sets of tools, currently transported in two roll-along suitcases, including everything you need to run your own Buildathon or Club kit-building workshop. Clubs are expected to provide the consumables, solder, kits, etc and a report of their event for RadCom but transport costs are being covered by the RSGB Legacy funding for the first year. Clubs will soon be able to book the tool kit by completing an online application form – look out for announcements across our communication channels. Steve Hartley, G0FUW will be coordinating the kits initially so contact him if you’d like to find out more by email to

Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) equipment: The ARDF Committee is keen to open up this aspect of ‘Sport Radio’ to regions where there isn’t any local ARDF activity. Their RSGB equipment can be loaned to Affiliated Societies and the 3.5MHz equipment is configured to provide five transmitters in a five-minute cycle accompanied by ten receivers. A map of the area to be used is not essential but the equipment gives a realistic feel for the ‘classic’ ARDF format. The 144MHz equipment comprises a set of five transmitters (with rechargeable batteries) and antennas but no receivers are included. To find out more about the kit or about possible ARDF Taster Days, contact Bob Titterington, G3ORY by email to

Expert presentations for club talks: The Society’s Convention presentations offer clubs a way of bringing world-class experts to club evenings. Currently there are 30 talks in our online video portal, with many more due to be released during this year. They are a fabulous resource at your ngertips and a great way to inspire club members to try new aspects of amateur radio. Take a look at

Building on this, the Propagation Studies Committee (PSC) has created two
downloadable, narrated video presentations for clubs: Understanding HF Propagation and
Radio Propagation – VHF and higher. Both come with notes and have the option of a
Skype Q&A session with a PSC member. Over 130 clubs have seen one of the presentations and the feedback has been excellent – would your club members be interested? To book one of the presentations contact Steve Nichols, G0KYA by email to

“help and inspire clubs as they work to encourage the growth of amateur radio”

Throughout this year we’ll be creating an online resource bank for clubs. It will draw together not only the great range of tools provided by the RSGB but will also highlight innovative activities from clubs around the country that were shared during the President’s review of clubs in 2017. We hope that this will help and inspire clubs as they work to encourage the growth of amateur radio in their areas.

Heather Parsons
RSGB Communications Manager


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