ARDF Committee

This committee deals with Amateur Radio Direction Finding, both for domestic competitions and for international events.

The ARDF Committee members and their specialist roles are listed below:

  • Bob Titterington, G3ORY (Chairman)
  • Stewart Bryant, G3YSX (Board)
  • David Williams, M3WDD (RSGB International Team Manager)
  • Robert Vickers, G3ORI (Liaison with Orienteering)
  • David Deane, G3ZOI (Equipment issues)
  • John Little, M1SHE (Programme of Events)
  • Andrew Soltysik, G4KWQ (Training, development and self improvement)
  • Vlad Boev, 2E0VLB (International Class Referee)
  • Frank Heritage, M0AEU (Links with Scouting)(Corresponding member)
  • Tom Mitchell, GM0JHF (Corresponding member)
  • David Hutchinson, GI4FUM (Corresponding member)

The RSGB ARDF pages can be found under the Radio Sport section or by using this link:

Full details of nationally organised events, equipment and the loan of equipment from the RSGB can be found here.

In addition the minutes of committee meetings are posted on these pages.

There is a page devoted to ARDF published in Radcom on a bi-monthly basis.

The chairman, Bob Titterington G3ORY, can be contacted at