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Propagation News – 16 June 2024

| June 14, 2024

No sooner do we say that conditions will remain good than the Sun emits an X-class solar flare! Such is the challenge of writing propagation predictions. Nevertheless, after the X1.5-class flare on the 10 June, things settled again and, at the moment, there are no incoming coronal mass ejections, or CMEs for short, to report. […]

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Propagation News – 9 June 2024

| June 7, 2024

It seems that we haven’t had a repeat performance of the auroral conditions caused by active sunspot region 3697. For aurora watchers, that could be a disappointment, but for HF lovers it means the bands have been quite settled. The Kp index has been at 3 and below, while the solar flux index has been […]

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Propagation News – 2 June 2024

| May 31, 2024

Last week was characterised by relatively-quiet geomagnetic conditions and a fairly-high solar flux. But is that all about to change? Active region 3664 has returned. It is now named 3697 and has already emitted an X1.4-class solar flare. You may recall that it was AR 3664 that caused the aurora that was visible all over […]

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Propagation News – 26 May 2024

| May 23, 2024

After the extremely unsettled HF conditions on the 10 and 11 May, it was gratifying to see things returning to normal last week. The Kp index has returned to being in the range of 1 to 4 and, with a solar flux index still in the 190s, we have seen some good propagation around the […]

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Propagation News – 19 May 2024

| May 17, 2024

After last weekend’s auroral spectacular it was nice to see the Sun calm down a little and the bands get back to normal. But that didn’t last long. To recap, on Friday 10 May the Kp index shot up to 9, due to the effects of a number of coronal mass ejections, while the HF […]

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Propagation News – 12 May 2024

| May 10, 2024

Disrupted solar conditions continued this week with X-class solar flares aplenty. Four X-class events on the 8 and 9 May prompted coronal mass ejections, which could join together to impact the Earth this weekend. We can expect a strong G3 event with the Kp index rising to 6 and the potential for visible aurora in […]

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