IARU Region 1 awards medals

| September 10, 2021

IARU Region 1 has announced the recipients of the Region 1 Medals.

They are six people who have each made a very significant contribution to the IARU Region 1’s work over the years.

Hilary Claytonsmith, G4JKS, is an EMC Committee member and, until recently, its Secretary for nearly 25 years. She has been an IARU representative in the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute during discussions on power line technology. The EMC Committee is a forum for progressing the Region’s work on EMC matters and much of its success is due to Hilary’s early work. Hilary is also a past President of the RSGB.

Dave Court, EI3IO led the Spectrum and Regulatory Liaison Committee through the period of WRC-19 that resulted in the region-wide allocation to the amateur service of a 2MHz segment at 50MHz.

Other medal recipients were Peter, HB9CET, Tore, LA9QL, Jacques, ON4AVJ and Hans, ON6WQ.

You can read more about the six medallists online here.

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