DX News – 1 April 2018

| March 29, 2018

Mike VE7ACN will be operating portable VE2 from Havre Aubert Island in the Madeleine Islands group for one week from 2 April. This is NA-038 for IOTA.

A large French DXpedition to St Brandon Island in the Indian Ocean should get on the air towards the end of the week on most HF bands and modes. Team members depart Mauritius on 3 and 5 April and will be active as soon as possible. They plan to go QRT by the 17th.

The Brazilian group call sign PR2CI will be active from Ilha das Couves—just west of Rio de Janeiro and SA-071 for IOTA—on 6-8 April. They will be on 80-10 metres SSB, CW and digital modes.

Tony, 3D2AG, should be starting up from the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu around 8 April as T2AR for about one week. This is OC-015 for IOTA.

The Irish DX team in Malawi QRV as 7Q7EI is expected to close down around 3 April.

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