DX News

| January 27, 2013

The Indian Ocean DXCC entity of Reunion Island will be visited by two French amateurs who will operate as FR/F8APV and FR/F8EOI until 8 February. They will focus mainly on 30m CW and 20m SSB. QSLs go via their home callsigns. The IOTA reference is AF-016.

Bernie, W3UR and Tony, N3ME, will be on the Caribbean island of Dominica, IOTA NA-101, using the callsigns J77A and J76A respectively. J77A will be active until 1 February and J76A until 11 February.

Nick, RW6ACM will be active as RI1ANP from the Russian Antarctic station Progress from 1 February until the end of year. QSL via RN1ON, direct or via the bureau.

Roberto, I2JIN will be active again as YS3CW from Corinth, El Salvador until 31 January. He will operate mainly CW on the 10 to 80m bands. QSL via I2JIN, direct or via the bureau and Logbook of the World.

Sam, F6AML, is visiting Zanzibar until 28 February. He will sign 5H1Z using SSB and CW on the 10 to 40m bands working with his FT-857D and verticals during his spare time. He will also try to activate the IOTA groups AF-054, AF-063 and AF-075. QSL via F6AML via the bureau or direct, no eQSLs please.

Theodore, K8AQM, will be on the air as ZF2TA from the Caymans, NA-016, working in CW and SSB on the 10 to 20m bands until 2 February. QSL via K8AQM either via the bureau, direct or Logbook of The World.

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